We should start with how the slot machines work and how the winner is determined in them. All games of this type use a random number generator (RNG). In a random order, it generates numbers that determine at which position the reel will stop after the next rotation. It is important to understand that the final result really depends on the will of chance, and there is no way to predict the final result of the next spin. You also need to understand that each subsequent rotation of the drum is an absolutely independent process. That is, the outcome of the next spin will not be affected by either the previous spin or the next. The last unpleasant fact is that the programs in the machines are set up so that the owners of these machines have a mathematical superiority over the players. If you are a frequent visitor to the casino, then, in the end, it will in any case remain in a more advantageous position, just because the slot machines are programmed in this way. However, this does not mean at all that you cannot stay in positive territory on a particular segment. The main task of all the algorithms and tips given in this article is to allow players to save as much money as possible for the game and leave the chance to win the maximum possible amount. The main reason for the losses is that gamblers play "blindly", not trying to adhere to any conditions and not playing systematically. Although with systemic play, it remains possible to preserve a large part of the bankroll for as long as possible, which will allow you to look for a chance for a jackpot. The first thing to do is decide on the size of your bankroll. A bankroll is a certain amount of funds that you can spend on games. That is, you don’t buy food, clothes with this money, you don’t pay bills. This is a kind of wallet whose main function is to fund your casino account. Of course, part of the money can be taken from these funds if necessary, but only if the total amount exceeds a certain amount. For example, the minimum bankroll amount is $ 2,000, and you have $ 2,300 in your account, which means that you can safely withdraw about $ 300.