Ratio of rates and pay lines First of all, you need to learn how to calculate your chances of a final plus. As you know, the biggest wins occur in bonus games. Most online slot machines are programmed to issue a bonus game to the player every 140-150 spins. Thus, you need to spend an average of 140-150 spins per game before you have a chance to hit a big jackpot. Therefore, your budget should be at least 150 spins. Slots with different returns Basically, online slots are divided into three types based on the return criterion. The first type with a low margin of return is made up of online machines, which have a large number of winning combinations, but with low odds. For example, there are about 200 combinations in total, but each of them will increase your bet by only 2 times. The second type consists of slots with balanced indicators of combinations and payments. In other words, there will be fewer winning combinations, but more wins. The third type is slot machines that will give you little chance of winning. But if the player has already knocked out a winning combination, then the winnings will be huge. Based on this division, you must carefully choose your machine. Since with the first type, you will have the opportunity to get a profit with small wins. Plus this one will also be small, however the tactics of playing at low stakes are ideal for this type. At the same time, when playing on slot machines with a large payout difference, you can lose the entire deposit without waiting for a big win.